Kat Magill has been an educator, mentor and slam coach for over a decade working with all ages and stages of writers. Her participants have become some of the top spoken word artist of today, but it all started with a BLUPRINT. This workshop creates a space to explore your identity as a writer. If you are putting pen to page for the first time, preparing for your first feature or want to enter the world of slam, Kat breaks down the third wall to lay a foundation that you can build on for years to come.  

Writing/Performance Workshop

June 24 - July 15  SESSION 1

July 29 - August 26  SESSION 2

(4 Saturdays)

DAY 1 - "Let me introduce myself" :

Introducing who you are through writing .

Examining your triumphs, triggers, beliefs

and aspirations that create the story of YOU.  

DAY 2- "Ground Zero": The importance of editing. What are the right questions to dig below the surface and transform rubble into a solid foundation. We will establish techniques for peer and self critique. The difference between a freewrite and an edited poem can be the difference between applause and silence. 

DAY 3- "Cleaning the windows": Performance.  Welcoming an audience into your world is not about performing but about allowing them to experience your full self. Exercises that conjure the power in authenticity rather than acting. Learning to be you, because your the best at it. 

DAY 4 -  "Grand Opening": Setting up your performance. Knowing how to engage an audience between poems is key to keeping them listening. Tools that turn amateurs into pros...and its not about the poems. 


Session 1



June 24-July 15 



Session 2



July 29-Aug 26