She is a master at planning, preparing, delivering, and refining lessons so that all students can access the curriculum and learn and grow.

                    - Jenna Kamp, English Teacher


Be a leader in youth development by packing your toolkit with purpose driven, creative lesson plans and mentor techniques that encourage and motivate your students to find the amazing voice within them. Kat has worked with hundreds of youth, offering much more than writing workshops but everyday life skills that build their future into a solid foundation, carrying them into success! Working along side of educators, mentors, artists and activists developing poetry programs, curriculum, and workshops that improve literacy, social skills, community engagement, confidence and healing. 

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Set Kat down in any classroom and she will systematically bring out student’s voices through an unparalleled understanding of poetry, policy, and pedagogy

                                         -Sekou Andrews,

                                            CEO SekouWorld Inc.

Kat's experience and client list include some of the largest art based agencies, school districts and universities in the nation. Inner City Arts, Wallis Anneberg Center for Performing Arts, Havard Westlake, Los Angeles Unified School District, Center Theater Group, dA center for the Arts, School of Arts and Enterprize, Pomona Unified School District, LEARNS (Pasadena Unified School District), Five Acres: Family Behavioral Health Services, Youth Speaks (campaign based), NAACP, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Claremont Colleges, 4C Lab Dance Company, Wabash University ... just to name a few. 

FIND YOUR STYLE! Educators need a voice too. Build a curriculum and voice all your own that cast your vision and goals clearly and makes your workshop, class and team the most effective and exciting on campus. 

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workshop facilitator

author of say word curriculum


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