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In a world that encourages us to embrace our uniqueness while wanting us to conform to narrow expectations, I extend an invitation to a different realm. Here, you have the freedom to express yourself, find inspiration, and genuinely embody your authenticity. Everyone may have a different reason for visiting me here. Some of you may need a poet to perform at your event or you want to sign up for a workshop. Others may be looking for a project manager or producer. Maybe you are seeking that one-on-one time to unpack your vision. No matter what, I am ready and excited to listen!  First, allow me to introduce myself; I'm a Gemini (no need to flee in terror) and a polymath, which means I wear many hats. Sometimes, I'm gracing the stage, pouring my heart out through poetry to connect with audiences numbering in the thousands. Other times, I'm diligently working behind the scenes as a project manager, orchestrating events to bring fellow creatives' visions to life. On occasion, I'm assisting clients in translating their grand dreams into actionable and sustainable plans (my spreadsheet skills are top-notch!). You might also spot me hustling on film sets producing a music video or educating high school students about the power of poetry and the importance of finding their voices. I have found success in all of these spaces because 1. I love learning new things and 2. I have never been fearful of starting over and putting in the work to rise to the top ("Started from the bottom, now I'm HERE").  Regardless of the task at hand, my most potent superpower is my connection with people. I suppose you could say I'm in the business of humanity. At the heart of any artistic endeavor, isn't that what it's all about? Taking our deepest desires, joys, and needs and ingeniously presenting them to forge connections with one another. It's about feeling unburdened while being our true selves and discovering our tribe. Your next performance, nonprofit fundraiser, music video, or profound epiphany could be the lifeline someone needs to navigate their day. So don't waste it! I believe in cherishing that possibility. I believe in being a 'Fruition Maker.' Together, let's create what the world didn't know it was missing! Most importantly, lets hold on to YOU and honor the gift that you are.

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Kat Magill Consulting is about embracing the inherent diversity of talents, skills, and passions that make us unique individuals. I believe that the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment is not confined to a single box or career path. My mission is to connect, organize, and empower individuals to create meaningful communities and bring their visions to life. I have dedicated my life to nurturing creatives, students, educators, and non-profits. I am commited to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant world by fostering creativity and providing support to make a difference and contribute to societal change.



A 2x National Poetry Slam finalist, HBO Def Jam Poet, published author, educator and producer of the Poetic Film: The Myth. With over 15 years as a touring poet, her dynamic performances have graced prestigious stages such as HBO, Current TV, Politico, and the United Nations, where she has shared the spotlight with esteemed individuals including Queen Latifa, Ashley Judd, Sonia Sanchez, and Talib Kweli. Her poetry and deep-rooted sense of community have led her to become a celebrated educator of spoken word for two decades leading arts education as the executive director of Say Word, publish two collections of poetry, create a nationally touring poetry film, develop a nationally renowned spoken word curriculum, and debut three theater productions as a playwright. As a host, Kat's unmatched ability to connect with others centers an inclusive and engaging environment. During the height of the pandemic, Kat, creator and host of Screen Time Slam, organized and facilitated the country's hottest online slam, raising an impressive $30,000 for poets across the world. Her dynamic performance and entrepreneurial success lies in cultivating creative networks with prestigious partners and grassroots movements, empowering audiences to discover their own potential as agents of change through spoken word.

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An educator with over a decade of experience, stands at the forefront of innovative curriculum design and modern pedagogy. Her approach revolves around empathy and identity, emphasizing the significance of individual voices in effecting universal social change. Her journey in education commenced as a youth poetry coach and gained momentum with the establishment of Say Word (501c3) in 2011. In her role as executive director, Kat spearheaded arts education programs at Say Word, integrating mental health, social justice, and creativity to encourage students of diverse ages to authentically explore and celebrate their inner narratives. Kat's remarkable skill lies in crafting dynamic and relevant content infused with poetry, a method that not only enhanced literacy rates but also served as a conduit for teachers to establish profound connections with their students. Collaborating with various agencies nationwide, including The Wallis Annenberg Foundation, Youth Speaks, Peace Over Violence, Sarah Lawrence, and United Friends of Children, Kat extended her expertise by providing professional development and conducting workshops. Through these partnerships, she continued to empower educators and amplify the impact of creative, empathetic teaching methods in educational settings.


Partners & clients

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The Myth

 Book a film screening, share literature and combine the beauty of spoken word, personal growth, and socio-emotional learning to experience the power of poetry. The trilogy of The Myth heightens the senses and ignites visual, auditory and reading/writing learners alike to dive deeper into the magic of creative expression, literary devices and self reflection. 


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Poetry Curriculum
9th - 12th grade

The Myth 
Poetry Collection

The Myth
Film Discussion Guide



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